So you started a small business and are just chomping at the bit to get your presence known, but have no idea where to start?

Believe me, I know. I have been there.

{jm} freelance graphic designer and website developer

I am a freelance graphic designer and web developer located near Charlottetown, PEI who loves working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have partnered with clients all over Canada and the US who work in such industries ranging from non-profits to finance to retail.

As someone who has been working on my own for the last 15 years, I know first-hand the excitement and challenges of running a small business. Working for yourself not only requires a lot of discipline, but also the awareness of the most limited resource, your time. I can help you develop unique branding and marketing strategies that will work for your individual business needs.

You want something that isn’t mass-produced or ready-made, instead something customized just for YOUR specific needs.

I believe in the power of clean design. When it comes to small business, the most important job that your website has is to turn potential clients/customers into ACTUAL clients/customers. No matter how visually pleasing a website is, unless it clearly shows who you are and what you do, that client/customer may not stay on your website for long.

I believe in the ease of simple structure. When someone views a website, they expect to find your logo on the left or middle and a contact link in the top right. These are things that make finding your address or phone number a quick and painless event versus something that creates frustration.

I believe that big isn’t always better. Sometimes you don’t need a full overhaul. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can turn a website that isn’t working into one that can be a perfect asset to your business. I won’t tell you to change everything when only a few small changes may do.

I believe that you know your business best. Even though many will tell you that designing for your clients/customers is the only way to go, I believe that as a small business owner, you are your BEST advertiser and when you love your brand and website design, you will show it off to as many people as you can. So spending the time to find out what you love and what you envision your business to be, allows me to find that sweet spot where you meet your client/customer in the middle.

I am a designer who loves to code. My other loves?